AI In Acumenica

AI In Acumenica

So, here's the thing, AI (short for artificial intelligence) is about to rock the accounting world big time (it has been rocking the marketing world for some time now), according to a study by Intuit QuickBooks. 

The findings were that it will not only enhance the effectiveness of accountants as strategic business partners but will help to sustain businesses like yours. 

Where will AI take us in the accounting world?

So much so that, 86% of accountants reckon that AI is going to be super important for their jobs in the next five years. The main perk of AI? It's a huge time-saver because it can automate a lot of the manual tasks that take up lots of time, which means we will get to spend more time giving you what you really need in terms of advice and support!

But that's not all, AI is also superb at reducing workloads and finding patterns in data. It is inevitable that this will be the way that the industry goes, and we want to assure you, that while that is the way it will go, we are still human, and we are still directly involved. We will also not deploy AI tools without rigorous testing. 


What AI can mean for you? 

AI could be a lifesaver for small businesses. A lot of small businesses don't make it past the first five years, which is sadly fact, but those that pair up with an accountant (like us), who is both hands-on and embraces technology to get the best for you, have a much better shot at riding past 5 years and progressing on to much bigger things. In the future, this could well be down to a combination of technological advances and our team embracing change. 


So, in a nutshell, for now, rest assured, while we anticipate an AI revolution, we are still your hands-on, expert accountants and here to make the financial side of your business run smoothly. It makes things run smoother, gives us humans more time to work with our clients one-on-one, and could even be the secret ingredient to keeping small businesses afloat. With AI tools, we might be moving fast, but we're still here, giving you the personal touch.