Leveraging FreeAgent to manage your business during periods of high inflation

Leveraging FreeAgent to manage your business during periods of high inflation

Navigating a small business during a period of high inflation can be challenging, but with careful planning and strategic tactics, you can position your business to weather the storm and emerge profitable. 


Here are 9 tips to run a business during a time of high inflation:


  1. Assess your pricing strategy: Begin by evaluating your business's profitability. Analyse your profit and loss report to understand the impact of rising inflation on your profits. Compare your prices with those of your competitors in the market. If you find yourself at the lower end, consider raising prices without jeopardising customer loyalty. If you are priced higher, focus on offering superior features or services to differentiate yourself. FreeAgent offers a customer sales report to accurately help you monitor each individual customer!
  2. Implement smart pricing strategies: If you choose to increase prices, employ intelligent pricing techniques that make it easier for customers to accept. Psychological pricing methods, such as price anchoring or bundle pricing, can create the perception of value, encouraging customers to make purchases despite higher prices.
  3. Seek operational efficiencies: Instead of passing on extra costs to customers, explore ways to lower expenses and increase profitability. Identify areas where your business can become more efficient, streamline processes, automate tasks, and leverage FreeAgent to work smarter and maximise productivity. You can find a FreeAgent accountant to fully optimise your processes.
  4. Monitor debt levels: High inflation often leads to rising interest rates, making loans riskier. Stay vigilant using FreeAgent to monitor your outstanding debts and be prepared for potential increases in repayment amounts. Ensure you can meet loan obligations even if interest rates rise.
  5. Manage cashflow effectively: In periods of high inflation, cashflow becomes paramount. Stay on top of your cashflow forecast, as customers may delay payments and suppliers might become more aggressive in seeking payment. Consider implementing stricter invoicing policies and automate the process of following up on late payments to maintain a healthy cashflow. Using FreeAgent’s reports you can instantly monitor your cash flow from anywhere!
  6. Support your employees: Recognise that your employees may also be experiencing financial stress during inflationary periods. Strive to create a supportive work environment by actively listening to their concerns and, whenever possible, offering remote work options, flexible schedules, pay increases, or initiatives that enhance their quality of life. Retaining valuable employees can help mitigate recruitment and retraining costs. Employing an FreeAgent accountant with experience in FreeAgent would prove beneficial!
  7. Engage with your community: In challenging times, collaboration within your community can provide crucial support for your business. Whether it's your local community or a broader network connected by shared interests, invest time in building relationships with your customers. Implement loyalty programs, offer local discounts, and consider partnering with other businesses targeting a similar customer base for mutual benefit.
  8. Mitigate supply chain risks: High inflation can strain previously reliable suppliers. Consider diversifying your supply chain by identifying local suppliers, which can reduce shipping and import costs while increasing resilience against external pressures. Additionally, having backup suppliers for essential materials can help safeguard your business operations.
  9. Monitor customer trends: Stay informed about evolving customer preferences and market trends to make informed business decisions. Pay attention to the origin of new customers and identify any industries or channels that are performing well. These insights can guide your marketing strategy and help you identify potential new markets, positioning your business as a market leader.

During times of high inflation, leveraging tools like FreeAgent can aid in making confident financial decisions. Automating invoicing saves time, while using MTD-compliant software ensures seamless VAT returns. 


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