Simplifying expenses and costs in your consultancy business

Simplifying expenses and costs in your consultancy business

A common pain point we hear from our clients is the complexity, even in a relatively straightforward consultancy business, is the management of costs and expenses. 

Expenses fly in from all sources - some suppliers will email them, some will post them, some will send you a link. Then you have receipts for card purchases sitting in the glove box of your car, or in your jeans pocket. They all need to get into your accounting system, and it’s not always a straightforward process, and it can be even less so if need to allocate these to a client for reimbursement. 

Here’s the thing: it doesn’t need to be a PITA: Acumenica clients don’t have that problem. This is because we have a couple of cracking tools in our box that clients can take advantage of so they can “set and forget” the whole thing. If you’ve got an email account and a smart phone, you’ve basically got all you need to get started with Acumenica’s cost management systems.

Without boring you too much, our auto extract tool is a brilliantly simple way to bring all your paperwork together in a standardised, digital format. Whether it’s a receipt, an invoice or a bank statement, upload it or email it in and we’ll extract the data you need, then send it to your accounting software. So you get the accurate numbers you need, without having to sit and enter them manually.

You don’t even need to email them yourself: give your suppliers the unique email address and they can send them direct - or you can set up a rule on your email app to automatically forward all emails containing invoices to the system.

But what about all those bits of papers clogging up your pockets and glove box? Easy. Take a pic of it on your phone and upload it to the app (or you can email it in). Before you know it, it’ll appear in the correct place in your accounting software ready to be automatically allocated to a transaction. Once you know the digital copy of the receipt is in yuor system, you can bin the paper copy. 

And if all this sounds a bit too technical, or if your supply side is particularly old-school, we can do the heavy lifting for you: just send us the paperwork on an agreed schedule - we recommend weekly or monthly - and we’ll scan and sort it for you.

If you like the sound of this, please contact Acumenica for a free consultation. We will discuss your options in an entirely confidential, non-judgmental, pragmatic, friendly way.

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