The construction industry is the backbone of Britain, and subcontractors are the backbone of the construction industry. Acumenica are proud to be supporting construction industry subcontractors, especially during these unique and difficult times.

The UK tax repayment window opens on 6th April and Acumenica are geared up and ready to support the country’s subcontractors to get their rebates.

It’s an ideal opportunity to get a little cash flowing back into your bank account when the sites are in lockdown.

We’re currently anticipating a 72-hour turnaround so you can probably expect to get the cash into your bank accounts inside a week from the start of the process.

The process is incredibly simple:

Step 1: email us to get the ball rolling

Step 2: we’ll send you a link to an online form we need you to complete. If you can’t, or don’t want to, use the online process, you can send your stuff to us using our Big Blue Envelope service, but remember this will slow things down by at least a week.

Step 3: upload the documents we need to see

Step 4: we prepare your claim and send it to you for approval

Step 5: we process the claim to HMRC and you sit back and wait for your repayment to arrive – normally within four or five days.

To show our support, our standard fee has been reduced from £399 to just £299

Email us at to get the ball rolling