We take tax investigations very seriously and whilst we always ensure returns are filed in a manner that should limit the possibility of an enquiry HMRC select many cases each year for random enquiries. No-one can afford to be complacent! Obviously if you are selected for an enquiry we would aim to settle it quickly and with minimal fuss and disruption to you and your business and would aim to minimise any additional tax liabilities. However, answering all of HMRC’s questions could be very time consuming and some investigations can take several months to deal with. As a result our costs of dealing with HMRC’s queries can be significant.

Our highly-trained specialists are experienced in dealing with all forms of tax investigation and have detailed knowledge of the respective rights and powers of the taxpayer and HMRC. We can guide you through the process and negotiate directly with HMRC to ensure that tax, interest charges and penalties are minimised.

However, it is our belief that the number of tax enquiries will increase, and to provide peace of mind to our clients, BroomeAffinity, working together with Croner TaxWise, can offer you cover against such an investigation.  Through what we believe to be the best cover available, Croner can offer you an insurance that will pay up to £100,000 towards your accountants’ fees in the event of a tax investigation with no policy excess.

Our Tax Investigation Insurance covers all of the following (and more):

  • Full Enquiries
  • Aspect Enquiries
  • Business Inspection Notices
  • VAT
  • IR35 disputes

The premium for a standard limited company is just £159.00 per year. I cannot stress how strongly I recommend you get this cover. Contact us for more information.